Airline security?

As reported in various newspapers (link, link and link) as well as a lot of blogs, the US is thinking about making armed sky marshals a requirement for flights going into the USA.

Maybe I'm dumb, but I really wonder what the benefit is of bringing guns onto a plane? Do you really think that a group of determined terrorists are scared by a few armed marshals? If they are able to pass all security checks and bring explosives on board, a couple of handguns will not stop them. A plane filled with 300 passengers is cruising across the Atlantic Ocean when a sky marshal starts firing shots in a crowded plane because a passenger refused to follow his orders to sit down. It's just an example of course, but even with special ammo that "can't" pierce the plane structure, I see havoc as a result.

Why? Because that armed sky marshal is not recognizable, and why would anyone obey orders from someone that is not allied with the cabin crew of the flight at first sight? Yes, the sky marshals will travel as regular passengers, so nobody knows they're there.

After the USA forced every other country to comply with their overly harsh "pre-screening" regulations, they are now forcing guns on planes. How about we stop flying to the USA? I'm rather certain that would trash the US economy so badly they'd stop pressuring everyone to comply with their demands. It's probably the American Way of solving problems - as has been proven in the recent past : if we have a problem, lets throw guns at it.

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