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Hey, apologies to all the people that popped in this morning and thought they ended up at the wrong blog - I would have given you a fair warning about the changes, if I knew it myself. However, after reading some things last night, I decided to dive right into it...

Shelley : I know most MT blogs "look" the same due to the skinning that goes on, however, I think that the technique itself ain't bad, and allows for nice (and easy) customization. And I was bored with the old layout anyway. So please bare with me while I figure it all out.

As I was laying in bed last night, it dawned on me that 95% of the cookie and alternate stylesheet troubles I'm having are caused by the fact that I serve a cookie from a different server. Just before I hopped into bed, this awkward feeling about cookies working fine (sort of) on Firebird, yet not in Mozilla and IE stuck with me. And my guess was right : I had set up Mozilla not to accept cookies from third party servers. In IE I couldn't find the option to manage cookies in such a detail, but I'm convinced it's the same problem.

Where does that leave me? I'm gonna keep on working on the skinning/templates so that everything is ready and workable/readable. However, the style switching ability will be disabled for the time being, to make sure no one gets stuck with a function that doesn't work, or a plain blog without CSS style applied (as this sometimes seems to happen in Firebird now).

When all of the "under the hood" work is done, I'll probably be moving some things around on the server to drop the frame redirection (lowering server connections and increasing load speed) and get the cookie problem sorted out. In the mean time , I promise to keep on posting, ranting, yelling and cursing here... I really do :)

Oh... Have you noticed that I passed the 25,000 visitors mark?

Update : After some more finetuning, the template is now quite acceptable for me. I've added the FK Photogallery, my Amazon wishlist, the various link things and removed two CSS errors from the templates. Also caught and removed a spare <div> tag that was floating around causing XHTML1.0 incompatibility.


WOW.....i kinda like this layout.......GROOVY

Over 25,000 visitors?? Didn't you promise to have a party then??? ;)

Digging the new layout - it's much more readable. Good choice!

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