Does anyone remember this entry me posting something about an official complaint I made against a spam mail I received from an IP address located in Belgium? I was sure I blogged about it, but now that I went searching for it, I can't find it. I guess I didn't post it after all.

Anyway - I filed an official complaint with the "Federale overheidsdienst Economie, KMO, Middenstand & Energie", and provided them with full headers of the spam I received, as well as a detailed Spamcop report. I turned on the "mail read confirmation" - something that I rarely do - and send it off to them, not expecting a reply of any kind. Well, much to my suprise, the mail was read by two people within 24 hours. It was then forwarded to two other employees of said ministry, and then everything went quiet. No replies, no more forwards, no additional questions.

I thought it was the end of the story and proof that even though spamming is officially prohibited in Belgium - unless it complies with certain specific rules - no action would be taken at all. Just another law not being enforced.

However, today I received a mail, stating this :

Dear Sir,

As a result of your complaint dated november 4th, 2003, I can hereby confirm that I've ordered my administration to conduct an official investigation into the matter.

Kind regards,

(name witheld for privacy reasons)

Can you imagine my complete suprise? Even if this all turns out to be a shot in the dark and a feeble attempt to come down hard on spammers, it also means that some people seem to be willing to uphold the law and investigate complaints. Thumbs up all the way!

I wonder what the result of the investigation will be, and when I'll hear about this again?


So, that's were all my tax-money has been going to. :-)

/me raises Axe, chops of Zwork's head. Deal with it :)

I remember you posting actually although I think it may have just been a passing mention. I think this is cool, every country needs to take responsibility for the crap they send out. Mine doesn't. And freeing up our email systems will end up saving everyone money which is good for the economy. Definitely worth spending some tax payer dollars on now to get the benefit from later.

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