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You' all heard from spyware, adware, trojans, pop-ups and pop-under screens and the whole shebang, don't you. Well, the marketeers of Belkin have taken it one step further, according to this article, which appeared at The Register today : Help! my Belkin router is spamming me.

It seems every 8 hours, Belkins wireless router hijacks a random HTTP connection and forces an ad for their parental control software down your throat. When was the time that routers just passed data, and did nothing else? Where did we lose the ability to control what our computers are doing?

Let's see what the future (might) bring :

A wellknown manufacturer launches version 6.ADV of their popular wireless mouse - every 5000 clicks it automatically decides to click an ad that leads to their website.

Your browser changes the URL of the target website you intend to reach, after you've used it for 100 hours. Unless you ride out to full animated flash advertising, you cannot reach other sites.

Your brand new voice-over-IP telephone system requires you to listen to advertising for 5 seconds before you can dial any number. Numbers belonging to the competition are reported as disconnected/unreachable.

If that's technological evolution, could somebody beam me right back to 1994?

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Interesting idea... and the law of Murphy of course leads me - ServMe - to comment on a post that was not written by the regular author of this blog. Shame on me! Now, to make a bold statement :... Read More


when will they create pop up blockers that actually work i keep getting the godamm napsters back pop up its annoying!!

Jay : Use Mozilla or Mozilla Firebird instead of IE.

And scan your PC for adware, use the software I referred to in the last reply to Nadia's comment.

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