I got back home a few minutes past midnight after some things went wrong in traffic. We were supposed to arrive in Zwijndrecht around 18h00 to load the truck and leave, but that same truck got caught in a massive traffic jam after 7 cars crashed into eachother on the highway. They finally around 19h20, we loaded and arrived in Hasselt a few minutes to to nine.

Much to our pleasure - not! - someone had used our assigned space to cut metal and there were remains all over the (dirty) carpet. Metal bits and pieces are not a good playground for ferrets so we decided to turn the carpets over as there was no way to get all the crap off. Then it turned out the organization had to go hunting for tables as some other exhibitors grabbed more than they were assigned. After a bit of running around we got everything we needed and completed the huge booth.

We left around 22h15 and headed back to Antwerp but were slowed down to very persistant mist. Dropped off my carrier at home, got back to Viviane's place, parked their car, hopped on my bicycle and cycled back home, to three very much awake ferrets.

Took out some paper and the trash, thought about preparing some chicken but settled for a quick bowl of ravioli instead. I'm tired so I hope I'll fall asleep before tomorrow morning, or somewhere around 5.

If you feel like visiting the good old ServMe, get your ass to the Dierenhappening on sunday November 29th in the Grenslandhallen in Hasselt. I'll be there all day, and we're in Hall 4. Starts at 10h00 till 18h00.

Note : I must be very tired as I needed to edit this post 4 times to get (all?) typo's and errors out. If there are still some left, too bad :)

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