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Apparently, not everyone agrees that Val�ria Machado is one beautiful lady.

Oh well... I always knew that tastes differ, and I sort of can understand the person that wasn't too pleased with the photographs I mailed her, but still it suprised me a bit. I'll try to think of it next time I spread the love :)

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Mmm. Women. from Eau Sal�e Lunaire on November 24, 2003 5:44 AM

While wandering around over at FriedKitten, there was an entry that caught my eye. The entry points to a website called The site's gallery is loaded with pictures of women. The one picture that I saw while looking around there was ... Read More


I think she has a VERY pretty face and body but no tits! oh yes i forgot, you like flat breasted woman ;-)

she is quite pretty j ide say go for her ;) lol

ROFL Tine - There is a difference between flat and small though ;)

She's quite pretty. ^.^;
Granted, I would like to see bigger breasts, but I really like her rear. ^^;;;

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