If you are looking for some good news and a "Happy Happy Joy Joy" feeling, go elsewhere. I'm gonna rant about everything that's been building up in my system for a while. And it's gonna be a loooong post too.

1. Ford Genk fires 3000 people.

The unions and management come to an agreement that entitles employees that leave the company a one time fee of 8.525 euro, and in addition to that 825,5 euro per year of service between 6 and 9 year, 682 euro per year between 10 and 19 year and 515 euro per year of service above 20 years.

I agree that getting fired or leaving the job you've been doing for a long time still sucks. But at least they get something out of it. In our case 50 people got fired, and 8 months later we're still waiting to see the first eurocent. And I'm not even talking about extra fees for leaving, I'm just referring to severance pay and wages not paid. It seems there is a difference between laying off 3000 people and firing 50. Let me tell you : when it comes down to the individual, there is no difference at all, apart from the fact that they have cash, and we have not.

2. Criminals and how society deals with them.

Example : Two years ago, Sa�d killed a 7 year old girl that was riding her bicycle in a car accident. Accidents happen, I agree. But if you know that Sa�d told the police - when they came to arrest him - that "I thought I hit a bird", you know something ain't right. Apart from that, Sa�d didn't have a drivers license, and after the accident continued his way (hit and run) and drove over to Holland to load up on weed and coke.

Yesterday, Sa�d was sentenced on 2 year in prison (but only half is effective) and forbidden to drive a car for 10 years. Quite a hefty sentence you think? He drove a car without a license before, what makes you think he'll care about the fact that he can't drive a car for the next ten years? And a year in prison, that is a great joke... if he does 3-6 months, he'll be free to walk.

Justice is just a fucking joke... the only good sentence for this dude would be forcing him off the drugs - yes, a cold turkey - and 2000 hours of community service. That would make him work one 8 hour day per week for the next 5 years - perferably in a hospital or emergency unit. Everyone can mop floors, but at least he'd be confronted with the victims all the time.

I stand by my opinion that if criminals decide to step out of the accepted rules of society, that same society no longer has the obligation to uphold the rules that protect the criminals.

The same goes for "kids" and how they are treated by the system. If a 13 or 14 year old "kid" thinks he is mature enough to rob people, why should he be protected as a "child"? He clearly is not a child anymore, because if you are able to come up with a scheme to rob someone, you should also be able to deal with the consequences.

Sure, all kids do stupid things every now and then, I'm fully aware of that. But there is a huge difference from jumping off a bridge into a river and stabbing/murdering/mutilating people. The problem seems to be that these youngsters know that they cannot be touched by law, they are free to roam and do whatever they please.

If parents don't take responsability for raising their kids, then the legal system should provide means to deal with them.

3. Elections and the right to vote.

So far non-EU inhabitants didn't have the right to vote in Belgium. This means that El Youssouf (an imaginary inhabitant of Belgium for the past 15 years, with the Turkish nationality) cannot vote, although he has lived in Belgium for a long time. The Italian dude that works at the EU headquarters in Brussels gets to vote in Belgian elections, even though he only resides in Belgium one day a month, nor does he participate in society. Not fair, you might say, and to a certain extend, I agree.

For the past week(s) there has been a lot of commotion because some political parties are pushing through a legislation that would allow the first category of people a voice in the elections too. I'm not opposed to it, but they are forgetting something if you ask me. If you get the belgian nationality - and with the recent changes in regard to that, it's not difficult at all - you receive the obligation to vote, and you can be elected. Would that mean you forget about your roots, your beliefs and who you are? No, I don't think so. And for those that really don't want to give up their own nationality, there is still the possibility to have a dual citizenship (as far as I know).

The proposal as it stand right now would give non-EU immigrants (that fit certain criteria) the right to vote, after they register and agree to follow the rules of the Belgian constitution etc. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it? Read that sentence again though... the right to vote. Not the obligation to vote. Which means that they have a choice whether or not they want to vote, whereas all the Belgian citizens have not. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of the obligation to vote, but why the difference?

The constitution clearly states : all belgian people are equal. It seems to me that some people want the benefits, but not the drawbacks.

If you disagree, feel free to comment, if you agree, feel free to comment. However, unless it's something intelligent and noteworthy that you want to add/say about these topics, don't bother commenting.


Put your hands on the wall and relax !!!
Count to 1.000.000 and go to sleep !!!
Wake up tomorrow into a brand new sunshiny day


Onozel manneke... ik kan mor tot 10 tellen, moet ik dan tien keer tot tien tellen en da dan ook nog eens tien keer tien keer doen?

Wat ist nu? Ist gedaan met uw internationale allures op dezen blog door altijd engels te typen ??? :-)

Maar bon, ge telt dus tot tien, dat doet ge tien keer dan hebt ge honderd. Dat schrijft ge op (dat ge dus al honderd heb)
Dat doet ge honder keer, dan hebt ge 10000. Nu, als ge dat nog eens maal honderd doet (dus eigenlijk tien maal tien maal tien) dan zijt ge aan uw miljoen.

(khoop dat mijn redering klopt want ik heb juist nen hoop vroeges achter de rug en mijn fysieke, mentale en psychologische alertheid laat het serieus afweten)

Neje, 'k von zo direct geen goeie uitdrukking in't engels voor onozel manneke :)

You asked for comments? Here are mine.
1) Ford Genk
Sorry, but getting fired is from all times. Just call it bad luck, although getting a terminal desease is eaven more bad luck, right? Next, with or without unions, when fired and in any circumstances,it's up to you and only you to find another source of income or new standards.
2) criminals
If not more, I'm as radical versus criminals as you. But some people/kids are raised with different norms. E.g. In poor countries, fill up a car's tank and flee without paying is a normal attitude. I certainly don't preach generous tolerance, but sometimes radical thoughts need more insight. Comes to it that newsreporters are paid for bringing captivating news. Still, justice in Belgium is still one big joke.
3) votes
I'm against the right to vote for non EU-immigrants, even for non-Belgian immigrants. If they like to meddle in Belgian politics, let them naturalize=become Belgian citizens.

Oh boy! I just read your last sentences: "unless it's something intelligent and noteworthy that you want to add/say about these topics, don't bother commenting." I should have kept my mouth, right?


Nah Hilda, they were pretty intelligent... I'll be replying to them in brand new post :)

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