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Graceously borrowed from Tine

Name four things you wished you had (in random order!) :
- Cash
- Girlfriend
- Fun
- Sex

Name four smells you love:
- I don't dig smells so much, does it show?

Name four things you are thinking about:
- Find/get a job
- What'll happen next month?
- Get off my lazy ass and do something
- What can I do to avoid the above?

Name four things you did today:
- Provided Tech Support (telephone)
- Provided Tech Support (mail)
- Provided Tech Support (online/forum)
- Breakfast (around noon though)

- hair: Too long - will trim it later today
- height: 185 or something like that
- weight: Too much
- favorite feature: ? You tell me.

Last thing you:
Did: >Copied this set of Questions
Read: Talk is Cheap (Sarcasm, alienation and the evolution of language)
Watched on TV: Chris & Co.

Who do you want to:
Kill: Nothing - well, maybe boredom
Hear from: Little Wabbit
Look like: Myself
Be like: Myself

Last time:
Last song you heard: The Klinik - Operation (1993)
Last movie you saw: Pulp Fiction
Last movie you saw on the big screen: Matrix Reloaded, I think
Last thing you had to drink: Milk
Last thing you ate: Spaghetti
Last time you cried: About month ago
Last time you smiled: Minutes ago, I smile every day
Last time you laughed: today
Last time you danced: I never dance, I just move around in a weird way ;)
Last person you hugged: Phew... dunno
Last thing you said: Hi boys (to my ferrets)
Last person you talked to online: Someone at IAM
Last thing you smelled: Don't remember
Last cigarette: unexistent, don't smoke
Last car ride: Last week
Last library book checked out: not a clue
Last book read: ModCon - The secret world of extreme bodymodification
Last cuss word uttered: fuck, asshole, shit... something like that I think
Last phone call: Tech Support this morning
Last time showered: Yesterday
Last shoes worn: KRS
Last cd played: Madonna - Music
Last item bought: groceries
Last downloaded: Eudora
Last annoyance: More spam
Last disappointment: myself
Last thing written: version number of some software
Last key used: mailbox
Last word spoken: bye

Do you:
Smoke: no
Do drugs: no
Sleep with a stuffie: no, stiffie, yes :)
Have a recurring dream: no
Believe there is life on other planets: might very well be
Read the newspaper: online, yes
Have any gay or lesbian friends: yes
Believe in miracles: no
Like the taste of alcohol: sometimes
Believe in astrology: no
Pray: no
Go to church: no (except funerals/weddings)
Have any secrets: yes
Have any pets: yes (Max, Bono & Tisha, my ferrets)
Have any piercings: no
Have any tattoos: yes, 3 and (hopefully) more to come.
Hate yourself: not really
Wish on stars: not a clue
Like your handwriting: I've unlearned to write as I always type
Take walks in the rain: can be pleasant, yes
Kiss with your eyes closed: depends
Sing in the shower: no, not really.

And if you're up to it, see how much you score on this 80's Lyrics Quiz: People are What?. I scored 23, without any cheating. I guess it means I was sorta there, and sorta not :)


o god!!
i scored 47 what does it mean ?
i like old music, i was into music already during the 80's... ?

I means you've got too much time on your hands, cheated, are old and a music geek. You probably also like the BeeGees, Beachboys and Wham :)

I DID NOT CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1- you don't have to borrow the list you can have it ;-)
2- oh yes pulp fiction was also the last movie I saw (thanks for the reminder)
3- you sleep with a stiffie? keep it warm ;-)

23! That was a difficult one though

same here 23 but im gonna minus the 5 points for saying where i clicked the link ;P lol

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