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It seems that the skinning itself is not so difficult - thanks to excellent instructions at Movable Style and A List Apart, yet I can't get it working 100%. It seems to me that even when having an absolute reffer to the stylesheets, it refuses to load them. I'm quite convinced that it has something to do with the fact that the blog base URL and the URL that you see is not the same, but I don't know yet/how to fix that. I've got some ideas though, so I'll look into that tomorrow.

If I can get the blog skinnable for Mozilla Firebird, I'm happy. Sorry for all IE users, but MS decided to go their own way instead of following the W3 standards... not the first time, is it?

Anyway, more to come/change/be added tomorrow. If I can remember it, that is :)

Update : It seems I got the skins working on Mozilla Firebird after all, however the cookie doesn't always seem to stick. Especially not in IE, or Mozilla. More testing needed tomorrow.


Test comment posting...

I had problems with the PHP CSS switcher at a list apart and ended up taking it out again. It worked on my old server but won't on the new one for some reason. And remember how one of my layouts would load weird in mozilla sometimes? That was the CSS switcher's fault. I never did figure that one out. Also looking in my log files I noticed that having them all linked in my head to make them alternate style sheets meant that everytime a new vistor loaded that page all the style sheets loaded instead of just the one they were using. Since it was the default this was happening a lot. This is what finally made me remove it and make a whole new layout. Too much bandwidth for nothing, and (more importantly) it made my logfile bloody hard to read.

I'm much happier with the full skinning system I'm using instead. But then just changing the style sheet was never going to be enough for me anyway (although you can set it to do that, and the actual document structure doesn't actually change very much between my skins). PHP includes rock my world.

Plus the whole CSS only driven thing is why nearly all MT blogs look so much the same *shrug*.

You know what you should do too... advertise the bodymodification.be site more. Those are pretty interesting articles, but nobody commented on the ones I read... so I took the liberty of being the first :p
Anyway, good luck moving/changing/adding stuff to the site
Off to work it is

*shocked*, I thought I was at the wrong blog ;-)

See! I had the same feeling today!

Tine, hey... I had the same feeling when you switched your layout! :)

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