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Sorry for scaring all of you away, but as you might have noticed, I dug up the old ServMe cartoon that I had drawn a few years back in Prague, I believe. I'm well aware that Halloween has passed, but I figured that this blog needed a bit more graphical elements.

Right now I've just done a quick hack of it, but I should be able to make it into a nice transparent picture that I can use no matter what skin I decide to slap onto the blog. That might be something I'll do over the next days/weeks/months. Does it show that I have a short attention span?

Update : the quick 'n dirty version has been replaced by a smoother transparent image, that works well on (almost) all colors.


A bit early perhaps, but I have a funny one for Easter, starring... Bun-bun!

Lol... Bun Bun is awsome, but I'm more of a Kiki fan, for obvious reasons :)

Ah of course, I should have known. Kiki is funny too, though.

there both great and the cartoon j is quite fetching i must say ;) lol

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