IE users to bite the dust - again.


A recent post at The Register warns for 5 critical problems with scripting and how it's handled in IE6, 5.5 and 5.01.

Apparently it is possible to bypass all security zone settings and install trojans, viruses and porn dialers with the user ever noticing. A full report can be found on the website of Secunia Proof of concept has already been written and published by chinese security researcher Liu Die Yu who also discovered the vulnerabilities.

Since Microsoft is quite unlikely to change their approach of patching holes only once a month, IE users are advised to disable all scripting in their browers, or switch to an alternative brower.

What have I been saying all this time? IE sucks!


You know what? With all these issues, with all these IE bugs and vulnerabilities ... I've never had an issue with IE at all, yet I find mozilla / opera to be almost unusably slow, don't show all websites how the author intended (no matter how acurate the code).

So, I think I'll take my chances with IE, and see my sites properly :)

Smeg, you are not an average web user either. You are able to see and notive things before they mess up the system real good, you're in anti-virus support! However, joe average clicks whatever button is presented to them... with devastating results.

About Mozilla/Opera not showing sites as intended : if the author decides to use proprietary code, I agree. If they stick to standards, I've yet to see the first real problem.

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