Here we are again...


It seems the initial transfer of things was quite successful. Right now I'm using a standard template - such a 1 in thousand thing - but I intend to change all of that in the next week(s). As you might have noticed, some things are gone for now and some are gone forever. I decided to drop the Comment Top 5 section as I didn't find it worth the space in the layout anymore.

Things that will certainly return are the FK photogallery, wishlist (although no one ever used it) and the Most Recent & Future Lists. Off to work on that now, and to do some finetuning of the CSS.


Whoa... I thought I had ended up at the wrong site lol Next time don't do this when I always look at the site first thing in the morning. I'm not awake enough yet for shocks like these :p
And you got rid of the comment top 5??? But I was almost at 200!!! >.<
Ah well, after the initial shock wore off and I opened my eyes a bit further it looks pretty cool.

good point n i was beating you aswell >.< hehehehe :p

I wasn't looking at who was "beating" who. I didn't care about that. I was just glad I was so close to 200 lol All that work for nothing

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