Now I forgot what I was gonna blog about. Damn me! Let's see... Nothing special going on right now. Ah, I remember! Last night Mike turned up after all to see if we could get that e-Puppy installed on my machine. Installation was pretty easy, no problems which suprised me a bit. Usually those gadget things that come from Taiwan/China etc lack a lot of stability, but it seems the e-Puppy is an exception to that rule.

We played around with it a bit, squeezing it's right (or was it left?) paw to let it send/receive mail, set up what mails to read out loud and such. And suprisingly enough it also worked flawlessly with Eudora, although the system requirements mention Outlook or Outlook Express. The quality of the internal speaker was suprisingly good as well and even at maximum volume, the sound didn't distort.

Streaming internet radio, CD's, MP3's... Puppy played it all without too much hassle. Apparently you've gotta set up a lot of things before you can access all features, and we skipped some of those parts, but hey... it works. The only thing that we couldn't get to function was the ability to read out word documents, but that could be due to the fact that I didn't allow replacement of some files, nor did I reboot the machine. Mike got that function working at his test PC, so I assume it does work.

Below's a picture (click for full size) that I took yesterday, so you can see for yourself that the thing looks cute. It comes with animated puppy on your desktop as well, so there's enough entertainment to go round. I do wonder how long such a thing can keep one interested, or before it becomes totally annoying, but I'm not your average computer user either. I want total control over whatever happens on my box, and (almost) all bells and whistles are disabled here. I guess I'm not the intended target group either :)

e-Puppy tested and photographed by friedkitten.com

Overall Quality : 7/10
Stability : 7/10
Cuteness : 8/10
Gadget/Geek factor : 7/10
Usability : 7/10

If you wanna get yourself such a cute e-Puppy, take a look at the Amerone webshop and order yours now! And definitely don't forget to let them know that you read the review on friedkitten.com!


It definitely looks cute but I doubt it would keep me interested for long. Enjoy your new toy though

looks cute and cuddly just like you j ;) lol

It ain't my new toy Nadia... I was merely a tester for it.

Jay : you mean "looks cute and cuddly just like you N" instead I think ;)

Ah, well, then enjoy testing the funny looking e-toy thingamy

And nope, I think he meant you Servme.

so this is the next big christmas thing.. i'll pass.

Heee, that thing would last on my computer about two minutes before one of my cats threw it on the floor. They're the only cute things allowed on my desk :-D

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