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For some reason I feel the need to tell you all something funny - you know, to take a break from all the boring technical posts I've been doing lately. Unfortunately, I don't feel funny at all, just boring technical.

What can we do about it? Ah... I know. Let's make this a D(I)Y post. You've gotta tell me something funny, so I can have a laugh. After all, it doesn't have to be the same person who has to be funny all the time, does it?

Oh, and what you consider "Do (It) Yourself" is up to you. However, I would suggest washing your hands after Doing (It) Yourself, otherwise your keyboard might get sticky after a while, and then you'll come whining here that it doesn't work anymore.

Which then will surely lead to yet another boring technical post from me. Something we were trying to avoid, right?


an attempt at DIY funniness:
One of my colleagues had to take a survey from one of the users. So he called him up and started asking the standard (boring) survey questions. One of those questions is: how satisfied are you with the speed that the agent picked up the phone? (Of course, this is a survey based on a problem that the user called us for)And his answer was: "Huh, but you called me!"

*waits for laughter...*

Actually a user that listened to the question :)

Well, I think your colleague could have answered something like : of course you are correct. Well, in that case, I was very pleased with the speed that you picked up the phone. And everybody would be happy!

If your interested there is a Survivor: Blog Edition going on...

I was going to post this in my blog weeks ago when it happeneed but I forgot and now it's not topical and too late.

"When your (young, cute, male) boss says something along the lines of 'I need to get the balls to ring him' it's not appropriate to look at his crotch. Don't worry, I remembered in time."

Well it amused me anyway.

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