I don't know you're about to believe this story, but it seems to be true. LA County (USA, where else?) has requested that equipment vendors avoid using the industry term "Master/Slave" in product descriptions and labelling.

Why? Because some poor soul in the County Buraucracy was offended by the term Master/Slave and complained about it. My suggestion : get a fucking life, and don't complain about things you don't understand. If you really think that these technical terms were just invented to harass, annoy or personally offend you, think again.

The full story can be read on

So, feedback is more than welcome... do you think these changes are good, or are we getting into an endless spiral of political correctness which only leads to more confusion? Should blind people be referred to as "visually impaired", female firefighters as "firewomen" or African people as "colored" instead of "black"? I think everyone is being is a tad bit too damn sensitive about these things. Calling a blind person "visually impaired", doesn't return vision, does it?


Should have known this language "clean-up" would be going too far someday. Honestly, I don't see why they're making such a big deal out of this. As you so eloquently put: get a life!

This insanity will continue as long as we allow it to continue. The agenda of the politically correct crowd is to control our very thought processes. I don't know if you have read much about soviet socialism, but each group of people, whether in a factory or on a submarine, had a political officer called "Starpom" or something like that. Now we call them "Human Resources". There is no place in a representative democracy for that shit, so why do we allow it?

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