Sorry Xia Mei Rosie!

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I should have trusted my gut feeling on it after all. I just managed to kill a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo D notebook, which is nothing special you might think. However, the notebook is a couple of thousand miles away from where I am : it's in Bejing, China.

What happened? Xia Mei Rosie posted a question for help in regard to her notbook seriously overheating after 30 minutes. I was one of the people to reply to her question and after checking the obvious things (airduckts free etc) I dug a little deeper. The bios on her notebook was release F50, whereas in F53 some adjustements were made to powersaving and thermal controls. So I suggested she'd attempt a bios upgrade, but I also warned her that - while it's not particulary difficult - in case it would go wrong, it would require intervention from Fujitsu-Siemens to get it running again.

Over a timespan of nearly 2 weeks I worked with her to get the correct model number, what OS it had, all the techy details before knowing for sure what bios upgrade is needed. Then came the task of creating a dos boot disk, and just that simple thing took nearly 4 days. Today - finally? - we (well, actually she) went ahead and flashed the bios while being in an internet caf´┐Ż and having me at the other side of the world, giving her dos commands. She said "I'm off to do the upgrade now *brave smile*".

Next message I get is "oh, it's fucked, fucked up, totally fucked". I thought at first that she was kidding me, but apparently she's not. The flasher reported that it was done, press any key to reboot and then the notebook just died. Sudden power off and that was it. Now (after trying reboot, cold boot, remove power/battery) it just gives the F-S boot screen, they the F2-F12 setup option after which it cycles again and returns to the F-S screen.

If you ask me... it's pretty dead and only a visit to an authorized F-S can reanimate it. To make things more complex - you didn't think this was a ordinary simple bios replacement, did you? - the Amilo D series notebook is only sold in Europe, not in the Far East. China, in other words, doesn't have/know that model of notebook. She'll have to call Internation Support in the UK, and they'll probably claim that they can't support users in China. I've send her a list of local chinese authorised dealers for the Lifebook model, in the hope she can get a bit of help there.

I doubt that she'd need a complete new motherboard, a replacement bios chip should do the trick. I hope...

Note : I think I might have to re-evaluate my qualities as a support technician after things like this. Surely, the fact that there hardly any english computers or technicians in China, or that her notebook is running a french version of windows XP should not matter, but it did complicate things a bit. As I said : I should have backed out way before going on the bios upgrade path, especially with a user that is not used to advanced techy stuff. My bad I suppose, and I feel guilty even though I warned her several times.

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Hi, I have to replace the cpu fan/heatsink on my amilo 7820 but with embarrassment I cannot seem to get the bloody case open. I removed all the obvios screws ans also those that hold the hard drive but there is still something holding it down. Is there a trick to this? I cannot find much info on the net.

Appreciate any wise advice.

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