Plush is at the vet


We just dropped off Plush at the vets and after a quick check she was sheduled for surgery tomorrow morning around 9. Elly (the vet) said it didn't look too good, but depending on what exactly the problem is, surgery might be possible.

Anyway, not much there is to say about it right now, as there is no way to understand the exact situation before they open her up. I hope it all turns out to be benign and cureable, but Elly asked me what I would do in case they called me to make a decision. I answered flat out that the wellbeing of my ferrets is more important to me as anything else.


I hope Plush is going to be ok and that whatever she has can be cured quickly.

and now I have to make sure I only post this once hehe

i hope the same as n get well soon Plush!!

I hope everything works out okay.
I'm 'mummy' to a catclan and a dog who thinks she's a cat, so I know how you feel.. Pets are like family. :/

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