Inflatable lights?


I was walking around in this building, which seems to be my recently acquired home. In some places it was normal, in others it had more or less industrial size. It was far from inhabitable yet, and I recall being busy installing some sort of desk and lights.

I had these weird lights that look normal, but it actually were inflatable lights, which means I have to blow them up, then put in the socket to make them airtight. While I was doing so, I suddenly got up and walked through some hallways and corridors, to suddenly reach one of the industrial sized rooms. I looked left and right and felt a draft. Then I realized that in order to stop draft from going through the complete place I had to get those doors in the corridor installed, but where were they?

I looked back in the corridor, found two parts of the doors, but the center piece was missing. I was also wondering where the hinges were and why there were locks and chains attached to the door.

Somehow I got back to my desk building task and when I was discussing something with a totally stunning young woman, with extensive tattoo coverage - mostly blackwork with excellent shading - who was apparently my partner, I knew I was dreaming.

She reminds me of Star Trek for some reason, a show that I haven't seen in a while, so there is no direct connection. It wasn't Seven of Nine either (just ruling out the obvious) although she resembled the same somehow. Strange, ain't it?

There are - unfortunately - no gorgeous women with extensive tattoo coverage in my life, let alone in a relationship with me. Thinking about it, there aren't even gorgeous women in my life at all. Well, I know some gorgeous women, but I wouldn't really say they are a part of my life. Too bad, not?

Very strange dream, if anyone has a clue what it means, tell me!


maybe its because your looking for work right now and its affected your dream, you want to work to keep yourself busy and the woman is probably just your ideal woman hehehe but im only guessing here

Uh? The woman part I can understand, but I'm into computers and IT, while would I want to get a job in inflatable lights or construction?

Unless that dream was a way of telling me I should look for something else?

I once read a book about controlling dreams (actually I still have it if you're interested) and it said that if there is a light flashing in your dream it often means that there is some kind of light in your surroundings in reality as well. Hey, maybe you'll invent inflatable lights???

Nadia, I've got a book on Dreams here as well, but I don't know... inflatable lights? I think I've just gone insane. Well, more than before I mean.

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