I wonder about Plush


I'm heading off to bed early'ish since I gotta get up around 8 tomorrow. Hilda has been so good to give me a ride over to the vets practice to get a checkup on Plush, and we've got an appointement at 09h30. I've prepared a carrier to transport her, and it can act as a temporary recovery room as well.

She's not doing too well and I'm pretty sure that she'll be diagnosed with tumor(s), and the big question is whether surgery would still make sense. If it's just one big lump that hasn't spread out too much, I consider it good news. It's not been a good year for ferrets so far, and I'd hate to lose yet another one.

Well, more on it tomorrow I presume, even more on thursday - since that'll be the day she goes under the scalpel - if surgery is an option.


Ugh. Krys took Satan into the vet yesterday and had some lab work done on her. Today, we gave her the antibiotics the vet had prescribed, and afterwards, she staggered to her litter box, fell over as she was climbing in it, then laid down in it. It was so sad. We took her back in right away, and they checked her in. The vet says it doesn't look good, and he's taking it day by day.

poor lil guys :( i hate hearing about friends and people i know who have sick pets (mostly because sometimes ive played with those pets) its always sad but i hope the best for your fuzzie j

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