Hot sweet sucking

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I'm drinking hot tea, mixed with a good portion of lemon juice and some honey. The attack of the snot I've been suffering from seems to have moved and settled in the form of a sore throat. It's either that or the fact that I'm getting too old to sleep with the window open when it's nearly freezing outside. As I'm not prepared to accept the latter, it's gotta be the first one.

So... what's up with me these days? To be honest : nothing. And that's exactly what I do all day long. I'm getting pretty good at it too I'd say, so if someone wants to learn from the master, talk to the hand me.

I'll be off to the post office shortly - gotta pick up some snail mail stamps - and then lounge around till it's bedtime again. Yes yes, exciting, not?

1 Comment

trust me j im far stronger in the ways of lounging than you my young/older than me padawan :p

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