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I helped Smeg figure out what Track Backs are - well I pointed him in the right direction at least - and he told me what he used to get those cool references to posts in the past to show up.

I took a look at the MT On This Day plugin by Brad Choate and installed it.

I added my regular bits of javascript code and escaped some chars to get the nice title and onmouse over effects to show up as well and now I'm a happy camper once more. Should you wanna add those to your "On This Day" plugin, just ask me, I'll happily share the code I used for it.

Update : Played around with the "Posted by" line a bit more 'coz it to became too long. Abbreviated the year to '02, '01 etc to prevent overflowing when we hit 2004. Shouldn't lower useability, yet improve overall visuals.

Update 2 : Apparently I forgot to include the Track Back popup code when I restored the functionality (I had it stripped out a couple of months ago because I didn't see any real benefits in it). T-Back still functioned, but it was crippled. Not anymore. I should pay more attention when I hack templates and code :)

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Added a link for ServMe from IAM to my other blogs, thanks for the help on trackbacks!... Read More

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Thanks for the help :)

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