BB4 - exciting!


Last night, Katja and the beautiful Gioia left the Big Brother 4 house. Apparently Katja got pretty drunk and did some dumb things, resulting in everyone agreeing that they had had it with her, so there wasn't much else she could do but leave.

I was actually watching the live stream when Katja and Gioia quit the house, but strangely enough it wasn't broadcasted live. Suddenly the stream switched to a wall and Q-Music. I bet they didn't wanna give the latest developments away untill today.

Gioia decided to leave with Katja - as she had already said she would do numerous times - and she did. I'm sorry to see Gioia go so soon, as I'd love to have observed that wonderful lady a bit more, but I can imagine that she missed Claudia (her girlfriend) pretty much and that the idea of spending a couple of more weeks in a place where you can't escape from people that often annoy you, is irritating, to say the least.

Well, Hannes and Kevin are very convinced that they are eliminating the competition, killing them off one by one, but they don't know that they are the losers who will be kicked out in a matter of weeks. This time the favorite people are taken out of the house and relocated, only to be brought back later on.

I can't wait to see the expression on their sorry faces when they ain't the winners, but in fact the losers. Unfortunately, one person is gonna be the victim of this all : Douglas (Dougie). Kevin and Hannes are voting to keep him in each week, and when they gotta vote next week, Vanessa's head will roll - although she might think she's safe for now. I'd rather see Dougie in the final group, as he seems to be a cool guy, and while tough and blunt sometimes, he means well.

Vanessa, Kevin and Hannes : up yours, losers.
Katja : well, you're a bit too much to my liking, but I hope the future is bright.
Gioia : you're lovely, and didn't break your word. Enjoy your freedom with Claudia and enjoy it to the max.
Dougie : I wish you see the light and the fact that it's the favorites that get nominated this year. Ask your "buddies" to vote you out, claim you miss Sara too much.


"I can't wait to see the expression on their sorry faces when they ain't the winners, but in fact the losers. "

Same here.
Hannes has been getting on my nerves since day one. Pretentious prat that he is.

belgian bb sounds much more exciting than englands bb lol theyve resorted to teen bb now AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Actually, any country's BB sucks!!!
But I have to admit: sending the favorites out is a good idea. No one had expected it.

OMG if they ever have teen BB here, I'm kicking my tv out... oh wait... no, I'll just not watch it lol *needs her tv for other fun stuff like PS2 and dvd's*

Yeah, I think I gotta agree with Nadia and Jay here, teen BB can only be worse... just like the "Eurosong for Kids", "Kids sing Rock and Roll" and shit like that. It's not that I mind kids having fun, but why make a TV show out of it?

hehehe the irish wish makes me glad im irish :D

Big Brother Exciting ??? WTF?? Has the world gone nutzzz...

Yeah, they needed more nutzzz for the sjoco van Nutella :)

mmmm nutella

From BB to Nutella... this blog just gets more and more intellectual every day...

BTW i didn't know Katja was a transsexual... O.o

Nadia : you didn't? oh well... so be it. Yeah, this is turning into an intellectual blog it seems, so I'm gonna try to avoid those things this week. Can't scare away the readers, you know?

Wait... since when do I care about the readers?



*runs away as fast as she can from the way too intellectual blog*

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