Are we fucked, or what?


The US continues their "we rule the world and do as we please" attitude. Yesterday a vote in the US Senate to reduce carbon dioxide levels by 2010 to levels measured in 2000, was not accepted with a 43-55 voting. Read the full article here : U.S. Senate rejects bipartisan plan to cap greenhouse gas. Apparently, if they're not busy attacking some "terrorist" countries, they are fighting generally accepted measures to prevent our planet from being completely fucked up. They seem to forget that in the end, they too will be left with a more extreme climate, unless we all do our best in these matters. Maybe they are convinced that climate problems will stop at their borders?

Maybe the worldwide supported environmental propositions are a sneaky way in which terrorists want to subdue the USA?

Belgium launched a very big campain to allow citizens to file their taxes online, in order to support easier access to data, e-government and such. However, now they don't seem to be able to actually process those electronically filed taxforms, although more recent news claims that they are not able to process any tax form due to problems with BeTax - their new software application - which doesn't seem to work as expected. Let's see... no tax processing means no refunds or very long delays in getting them. Might this be another way to keep the national budget balanced?

You really gotta wonder... after the nice "Belgacom Pension Fund" trick they pulled to solve deficits in the budget, one shouldn't be suprised about the other tricks they might have up their sleeve.


FUCK the usa!

Lol... nice and very open comment from Joco ;)

indeed fuck bush the monkey heh i remember once sending a mail to the "white house" about the greenhouse gases in a campaign over here once and i got an automated reply saying thanx for the mail etc the us is sickening CHANGE THE PRESIDENT!!!!!

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