All the kids go Pong!


If you know Pong, Space Invaders and the original Tetris, you're old. If you've played them, you're even older. This is what some kids from the PS2/Xbox generation had to say about those golden oldies : Child's Play

My opinion? They're spoiled kids that are too stupid to understand the (simple) concept behind Tetris. But I'm old and biased anyway.


My take on the whole thing is it use to be that you would spice up the games with a little creative thinking. Now though nothing is left to the imagination.

the golden oldies are great some of the best games round and films hehehe childs play was cool :) oh and thanx about the mail washer jerry its working good

Glad to hear that Jay! It'll help you cut back on spam and virusses.

Hehe, that was actually a funny article. I think I'm going to send the link to some of my colleagues... although according to those brats, I'm old too now >.<
I remember the (good old) days when we were all addicted to tetris... and NOT trying to line up the colors lol ... or playing donkey kong... who did look like a monkey then and not like a collection of +'s and -'s... my conclusion: we have a lot more imagination than the kids of today, although you have to admit that similar things have been said about our generation. I mean, who still makes coffee the old way? I think everyone owns a coffeemaker, or who still grinds the coffeebeans? Exactly... it's called evolution, people, and there's nothing we can do to stop it
On the other hand, I'm not really complaining that graphics have gotten better and that gameplay is made more simple. As long as the game is fun, I'll play it.. no matter what year/century it was made in

Eeps, I've been ranting.. sorry...

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