A lost cause?


I'm glad that I'm not the only one thinking the same thoughts, as an article on Security Focus shows : Joe Average User Is In Trouble.

Why do people still insist to buy and "operate*" an advanced, top of the shelf computer without any prior knowledge, but accept that they need to take classes and exams before they are allowed to drive a car?

Read that article, please do. Then at least wonder for a second why I bore you time and time again about firewalls, virusscanners, windows update, patches, hotfixes, e-mail security, spam, spyware, adware, trojans and viruses. It's not simply because I love using those words - well, maybe a little lot - but because it is the only way to keep yourself (and me for that matter) safe out there.

Think about the last time your computer got infected with a very well known virus, about the last time you were flooded with spam - yes, those two things are very probably related to eachother! - and then hopefully recall all the advice I've given you in the past. It's not to late to learn, but sometimes I really wonder why I still bother trying to educate computer users.

* "Operate" is used in a very loose context. Some people might claim that simply being able to turn on the thing equals "operating" it. Others claim that you have to be able to start Word and print out something in order to be considered a computer operator. Both statements are as true as calling yourself a professional golf player when you manage to put the ball - in only 7 strokes - on a mini-golf course.


Well, I haven't had a virus yet *knocks on wood hoping she didn't jinx herself now* but I'm flooded with spam. I blame it on hotmail though, not on my virusscan or windows update thingamies (yes, i call them thingamies cause i like the word thingamies lol)

Let's just say I'm glad I don't use outlook at home. And for most questions the author asked, I knew what he was talking about... yay me... I feel so proud now lol

Spam is on the rise on a general level, not only with hotmail accounts, although it certainly won't help :)

Stepping away from Outlook (or Express) is a very wise thing, and the fact that you actually knew what the author was talking about makes you more computer savvy as 50% of most users. But hey, that's why you get to answer their helpdesk calls, right? :)

when i checked my mail yesterday i had about 251 spams :s i hate it what can i do to prevent it more then blocking etc wasnt there a patch or something i can download to prevent more????? i cant remember

Jay, you probably didn't check your mail last week? ;)

If you're using a hotmail account (webbased, not POP3) the number of things you can do are limited. However, the MailWasher Pro software that I use, seems to be able to connected to hotmail as well. You can download a 30 day trial by clicking on the link I provide in the left hand menu of FK.

Give it a try, read up on the program and see if that makes it easier to delete/deal with spam. I use it to check 7 accounts and delete about 100-120 spam mails A DAY, and works great for me.

Some others I know that have tried it, were not so pleased with it, so I suggest you try it yourself. If you like it, you can consider buying it.

When it comes to patching the OS for spam, I don't think there is such a thing. Just keep up to date on general patches, and that's the best you can do. Not spreading your e-mail addy on usenet/websites etc is another thing to consider, but it kinda loses it's functionality then, doesn't it?

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