A big joke,


that's what the Belgian justice system is... You want some examples? Three men (aged 22, 25 and 28) kidnap, rob and kill a bartender. One of the suspects even throws a party for some friends with the money stolen from the victim. They get caught, go to trial and the defense claims they had a bad youth etc. No problems with that, it's the defenders task to defend their clients. The jury sees right through all the bullshit and convicts all three of them to life imprisonment.

Way to go, they get punished as they should, after all... the victim - or rather his family, wife, 7 month old daughter also got life. The difference? The convicted killers can request to be released in 2016, which means life is not life at all, but just a fraction of it! Nice justice, as I don't think the wife and daughter will be able to request that their husband/father comes back in 2016. He's gone forever.

Another example. About 10 years ago, a politician was murdered, if you hear the name "Andre Cools" it might ring a bell. The trials have just started, or at least justice is trying to get something together that might look like it. The main suspect committed suicide last year, and of the 8 other people on trial, 3 have run and are nowhere to be found. I don't blame them, would you wait for 10 years to see if anyone actually shows up to question/arrest you in a murder trial?

But that's not all, there's more to it. 1 dead suspect, 3 suspects on the run, leaves 5 more, correct? Not really. One of the suspects is "ill" and needs medical help/hospitalisation. Apparently his obesity caused increased risk for cardiac arrests etc, so he can't make it to the trial. And two days later, 2 other suspects are "not feeling too well" and also tell justice to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. They are "depressed", I wonder why?

Now... what's left of this case? 2 suspects. Oh, let's not forget about the two Tunesian contract killers that actually fired the shots, they are already convicted in Tunesia for the murder, but Belgian Justice requires them to testify. Where are they? Hmm... maybe in a Tunesian prison? It seems nobody knows where they are, but they are expected to show up on thursday. Maybe. If someone can find them and get the Tunesian justice departement to cooperate.

Yes, this is Belgium, all the way, all the time. It's a magnificent country, really. People that defend themselves and shoot a burglar get thrown in jail, but if you murder people you get away with peanuts and a pat on the back. Unless you run from the police first. In that case we won't have a clue where you are, and we may look for you. Or maybe not.


sounds like the justice system here where else can a robber robbing a house trip and break a leg and then sue the owner of the house for his injury and win the case??? what justice indeed!!!!

LMAO @ jay's comment... sorry, that was just funny *chuckles*

I have to agree with Servme, though, that justice is not justice at all in Belgium... but then again, aren't we known for our "inventive" ways of getting out of things??? I guess law and politics are just very good examples of that.

All too true, sadly. I think I'll make a point of not following the whole Dutroux trial if and when. I feel another major screw-up coming on there ... :/

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