Today I received a video message from my godson... the little kiddo is well on his way to become a comic talent! In about 2.5 months he'll be 2 years old, and he's saying his first words : especially "ja" (yes) seems to be a favorite. Earlier on it was "Bea". I think he wanted to tell his mommy and daddy he wants to have a little sister.

Well, I suggest you watch the video message for yourself, although it probably won't make much sense unless you understand Dutch. It's 3 minutes and 41 seconds long and about 12MB large, so only users with a broadband (DSL or cable) connection should attempt to download it.

Interview with little Alex

Some of the topics in the interview include : Will ServMe find a lover (according to Alex, I'll have three), what my new job will be like, and the length of my sister (his godmother) and the size of her breasts. I suspect the fact that daddy is interviewing Alex has got something to do with the weird questions ;)

It's been a while since I laughed that hard!



i hope alex is right and you get 3 lovers

This was the best intervieuw I ever saw on the internet LMAO

Alex is soooooooo sweet lol He handled those "nasty" questions quite well... maybe he should go into politics? lol

hehe certainly hope you'll have 3 lovers j bet that wud make you happy ;) lol

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