A few seconds ago the movie The Cell started on one of the local TV stations. Although something tells me it's cool, something else tells me I'm not really in the mood to watch a psychological thriller.

The 6.2/10 rating on imdb doesn't really help much either. I think I'll be watching parts of it whenever I go over to the livingroom. I just remembered that this is the movie with the suspension in it. I'm off to watch it anyway.


The Cell is a good movie if you get over it that Jay-lo's on it. Honestly I think it deserves more than a 6.2 on imdb

Got anything against J Lo Nadia? Ever seen the movie "Enough", also starring J Lo? I loved it.

Calling Enough a movie is something like calling a trabant a very fast car !!!

Zwork, shouldn't you be doing something else? ;)

the cell was a pretty good movie but they could have found someone better than j-lo in it she didnt suit the character heh

So, who should have played that role then Jay? And why didn't she fit the character... maybe because you are not willing to accept her as an actress, but just as an entertainer?

true it could be that lol good question too...... im not sure actually hmmmm.... im more used to reading about her in news or seeing her on music channels yuck yuck lol however she was pretty good in out of sight was it?? the one with george clooney i'll give her credit for that heh but thats it lol

I don't have anything against J-Lo (but admit that her acting in "Anaconda" was horrible!)
I only said that because there are people who won't see certain movies because it has certain actors/actresses in it. So this was for those who do have something against J-Lo. It shouldn't stop them from watching "The Cell".

And no, I've never seen "Enough". What's it about?

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