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I wonder if there is a male-to-female version of "How to be a superflirt" as well? I've just read the tips, so now I should be well aware of the tactics used by females to flirt. I might now have a chance of picking up on the signals, should they ever occur.

I bet it's never gonna happen, or at least not anytime soon. I a Geek (note the capital G) and I while I know lots about bits, bytes and connections... I seem to be completely lost when it comes to butts, bites and social interaction.


OMG if women actually had to pay attention to ALL these things, I doubt they'd be able to really flirt casually lol (and isn't that still the point of flirting? to seem casual and interesting at the same time?)

But good luck picking up the signals servme

After meeting you in person, I realized you REALLY are kinda blind to "signals". It was a bit frustrating, but endearing! :D

I wonder if girl geeks can pick up on geek signals....

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