Patching time


Here we go again one could say, but I'd rather get notified of updates and patches, especially if you look at the other option : sooner or later these flaws will be abused.

September 3rd 2003

Critical :
MS03-037 - Visual Basic for Applications Arbitrary Code Execution [822715]

Important :
MS03-035 - Microsoft Word Run Macros Automatically [827653]
MS03-036 - WordPerfect Converter Code Execution [827103]

Moderate :
MS03-038 - Microsoft Access Snapshot Viewer Code Execution [827104]

Low :
MS03-034 - NetBIOS Information Disclosure [824105]


hey jerry i was wondering if i cud ask you for some advice with my computer, it keeps poping up on screen with all these faults that i dont know how to fix, maybe you can shed some light on the situation?

Sure you can ask :) Send me an e-mail with the following details :

1. What Operating System you're using (Win98, Win98SE, WinME, WinXP Home, WinXP Prof. WinNT4) and what service pack (if applicable)

2. Specific error message (screenshot would be easiest I think)

3. What you are doing that could cause it. (which programs you are using, which version number of them etc etc...)

Without those, it would be nearly impossible to find out what the problem is.

Never mind, I just mailed you... you only need to reply now :D

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