The weird dreams continue, allow me to share the one I had last night.

I'm soundly asleep and suddenly I'm sitting up in my bed, looking around. I realize all power in the apartment is gone, so I stumble out of bed, to see what has happened. I open the closet that contains the electrical box and notice that at least half of the jumpers are pulled from their sockets. I don't think much more of it, nor do I try to put them back in. I suddenly realize something strange : even though power is gone, my PC is still running in the other room.

I look for matches and candles in the closet, find them and step into the room. I manage to drop quite a few matches on the floor and finally light the candle, or at least that's what I think. It turns out I lit a piece of nylon rope and because it doesn't really give too much light and smells awfully, I realize the error. I put the rope out and get the candle lit.

I open the door leading to the terrace and when I step outside I see that some of the close and far neighbors are awake as well, lights are on in some apartments, but certainly not everywhere. I think by myself that they must be suffering from the same power outage as I am when one of the neighbors living downstairs looks up and says "hey, ServMe is here as well". When I look down to answer to her, I suddenly see something from the corner of my eye. I look to my right and what do I see? A plane landing in the small parking lot on the right side of our complex. Mind you, it's not really a parking lot, but more of a small alley in which one car can turn around with a lot of manouvering.

It's a big plane - not a B52 stratofortress, but more like a DC9 - and it should never be able to squeeze itself in the small alley. I run back inside to grab my digital cam and I snap exactly one shot of the plane when suddenly a thought hits me. All those people outside are not paying any attention to the plane that has just mysteriously landed! No, they are all looking up to the sky. I forget about the plane for a second and look up as well, and that's when I see the blue lines in the sky, right above our head. I suppose it's some kind of a UFO so I slowly raise my camera to take a shot of it, and by the time I'm ready to take the shot, the blue lines change and move to the horizon, very fast.

Suddenly I hear the voice of my sister saying "You missed them!" to which I reply - as if these are the most normal things going on in the world - "Oh, don't worry, they'll be back". And that's when the dream ends people...


Strange. I also have a dream. It's when our lives got fucked up by an asshole from 'The Limburg' who didn't pay us any money and the little fucker wen't bankrupt. And then I look outside but don't see a green vauxhall astra, and realize that it's reality.

lol oddly enough jerry that is a truly wierd dream for a second i was going to say you had already seen and it left lasting impressions ;) but upon hearing the part about the ufo you now entered the twilight zone (spooky music spooky music) :D

Zwork : that wasn't a dream. It's called reality and from information I received a few hours ago, the fucker went on holiday to Spain as well.

Jay : Stop the spooky music! Aarrrgghhh

as i said before
give me some of those mushrooms you've been eating!

All the mushrooms I eat are the regular not-mind-influencing kind. Sorry to disappoint you :)

hehehehe thank you for the card jerry (just got it ) :D be sure to check your mail pile in future for a card back ;) hehehe now to tell the world about hehehehe

Is it a full moon or something?? A couple of nights ago I had a weird dream too

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