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I wrote down some details of the subjects we're gonna see in that Windows 2003 Server - Linux course (should I be accepted)

First we start off with some theorets and rehersal/freshening up of TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, as well as various other protocols, and terminology. Then we move to the windows part which includes configuring Windows XP on desktops, network installation and configuration, XP 2003 Server installation, configuration and maintenance, Exchange Server, ISS configuration and installation, SQL server configuration and installation and finally ISA server installation and configuration. This is scheduled to last about 7 weeks.

The Linux part is about 2 weeks and includes installation and configuration of Red Hat and SuSe Linux distro's, creating users etc, as well as setting up a Samba (file and printing) server and Apache webserver. As you can see the Linux part is much shorter but it will be a very welcome introduction to it for me.

Courses also include getting these two systems to work together, as well as regular tests to see if everybody 'got' it. According to the professor who presented the program, 8 tests are scheduled, every time on a - aargh - monday morning.

Looking forward to it? Yes and no. If I get accepted, I'll be happy since it'll allow/force me to move on, but I'm definitely not looking forward to getting up that early to catch a bus/tram or ride my bike.


to quote a fun guy who knows his stuff about the wonderfull world of information computer technology "Yikes" lol im sure you'll get used to the early hours tho lol

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