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I got a call about an hour ago, and as presumed, it was bad news. I've not made it past the selection, but they were able to give me some tips in regard to what courses might be better for me. Well, of course I wondered what the reaon was and they said that I didn't fit the profile of the group because they feared my theorethical knowledge was presumably at a lower level as the rest of the group.

Well, I probably agree with them, since I'm more of a hands-on-experience person myself, and I really dislike theorethics. So, it's back to the drawing board for me. I'm gonna check out those two other courses she mentioned, but one was in Hasselt and the other one in Geel or something like that. Both are a bit too far to reach by bicycle... but I know that these things are often repeated, so I'll see if I can join a course in Antwerp instead. Gotta call Jan, as he's doing one right now.

I added a Fuzzies album to the photogallery. I was planning on doing that anyway, and since Jay asked specifically about photographs of the ferrets, I went ahead and did it. It's far from complete, but I can't find a bunch of pictures right now, and I got tons more on the old drives. I think I should really look into recovering that data. I'm sure there's some shots of Fritz on that drive, and maybe even some of Igor as well. I doubt I've got any pictures of Jason (yeah, I had a ferret called Jason, no kidding) since I only had him for a few months and it was pre-digital camera age.


:D good one with the album j but im sorry to hear you didnt make it thru :( you were just too good for them ;)

Too bad you didn't make it through the selection, but I'm sure you'll find another interesting course close by. Is the one in Geel the same one Dimi is going to follow? Cause I know he has to go to the HIK in a few weeks for an IT class.

hey j could i possibly trouble you for the details to see your photos in the fk album? hehe i cant get in :(

Lol... I've just mailed you the info you need Jay. Enjoy.

I'm sorry to read about not passing the selection. Now i'm off to see the ferrets :)

thank you j :D now i shall go enjoy the ferrets too :)

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