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When I opened my mailbox this morning I spotted a mail from Microsoft - or at least that's what it appeared to be. A quick glance around told me that I had gotten that mail 4 times, which immediately raised all virus/spam triggers that I possess. I must admit that the author has done a wonderful job and the mail was rather believable, but there are a few things everyone should keep in mind :

1. Microsoft NEVER sends out patches by mail. Only announcements are done by mail.
2. Getting the same mail a couple of times means trouble in 99.5% of the cases.
3. Typo's and errors usually give spam/virus mails away (although this one didn't)

A little digging pointed me right to the article in The Register : Nasty worm poses as MS security update, and more technical info can be found at Sophos as well : Gibe-F (aka Swen).

And people... it uses a vulnerability in IE (MS01-020) that was patched in March 29, 2001 and updated on June 23, 2003. So keep those boxes up to date on those patches, and those virusscanners checking for new updates regulary. And above all : think before you click!


thanx for that j ide just checked my mail and found the same thing, luckily it was in my junkmail folder so i deleted it straight away lol

cool apparently its national talk like a pirate day today according to sluggy freelance savvy argh lol

sluggy did a POC parody???? aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
savvy :p

argh dat be true savvy :p

I can't find it >.< all i get is the new Harry Potter parody... savvy

And again... I'm so happy I don't use Outlook lol
I don't think I've received that supposed Microsoft mail. Unless it ended up in my junk mail folder, then I've deleted it without seeing it hehehe

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