And the winner is...


Joco & Steph! They both correctly "guessed" that Hannelore Z�lhke is my favorite kind of girl.

She's witty, spontaneous, cute and has that wild attitude. And actually, I think she's got the perfect mentor for her MBB course : Deborah Ostrega, known as one of the Mediamadammen, but - at least more known to me - also from Lords of Acid. Deborah and Hannelore both seem to have that in-your-face attitude. That "If you don't like it, too bad" or "straight to the point" way of being. Sexy!

I think Joco got it right because he knows me pretty well (Esther would have gotten is right as well I think, and so would have Eef), and Steph well, I don't know. Maybe she just likes the same kind of girls I do?

Hilda, Dimi, Tine, Nadia and Jay : aaarrrgghhhh! You suck! ;)

Thanks for playing everyone, and keep your eyes open for new "play along" posts in this blog!


lol j looking forward to further challenges :p

i knew it
i knew it
i knew it

this was an easy one

She's got the prettiest face, but I prefer longer hair.

tuurlijk had ik da geweten. heb alleen de laatste dagen weinig achter de pc gezeten en zodus de wedstrijd gemist. ik bied mijne rug weer aan als favorietenlijstje zolang ge ne gewone bic gebruikt deze keer:)

Thanks for the complement ;), My second choice for you was Hannelore... In previous postings you'll find prove. Is there a price for second place ?

BTW Nadia, congrats, you made it first ! 100 comments !! *takes his arm, turns his hand, points to the head and bangs*

WHOOOO i finally got my tattoo :D j if you want to see it ask n to send you a copy hehe hope you like it ;p

now its off for food and to hotwash my new tattoo lol

Nadia, could you send me a copy of Jay's new dragon?

infact i could do with your email address j for future refference ;)

I think you got it Jay, after all, I mailed you a couple of weeks back in regard to those windows problems you were having? And it's also on this site :)

I'll mail the pic. It looks great. I'm so jealous lol

And Dimi: *sticks out her tongue* I was first, I was first!! ;-)

oh yeah so i do j hehe ty lol :)

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