This means nothing to meeeee


ooooh Vienna, pom pom... Sorry, I was just singing along with Ultravox and I happened to type what I was singing. Yeah, weird indeed.

Just so that you all know : I'm gonna win the lottery tonight. If you wanna risk your life and grab those 2 million euro, well you're risking your life. Don't come crying that you weren't warned!

Nadia and Jay : you two are obviously not very creative thinkers. That photo of Britney and Madonna is hot. Don't try to think of the video or TV images you've seen of it - just let the emotions and visuals of the photograph sink in.

Jay : I don't care whether or not you sound or don't sound queer - which makes me wonder if that sounds any different from anybody else? - but you're saying the picture doesn't do anything for you "because you know it's Madonna and Britney". Would that mean that two other (or unknown) women kissing would do something for you? Hey, this is a legit investigation and question.

Nadia : If I'm correct you mean to say that exactly because they go for the "shock effect" it loses its shock value? Almost like it was expected in a way? Oh, and the question that I asked Jay, can be answered by you as well :)

Ok, what else? Nothing. In the neeeeeem of loooooofffffff, whaaaat mooooore in the neeem of lof... (U2 playin', did you notice?)


So you want to know if i'd find it a turn-on if i saw 2 (random) women kiss? Actually, I've seen women kiss before, just like i've seen 2 men kiss before and both have the same effect on me: none whatsoever. It's like watching heterosexual couples kiss. You feel happy for them that they're so in love and such but that's it. No shocked feeling, no sudden lust lol Sorry to disappoint you with my lack of imagination (although I know some people who'd disagree with you lol)

Oh and for your other question, yes that's exactly what i mean. At least for me it loses its shock effect. I'm not speaking for other people nor am I speaking of other shocking things.

Oops, forgot to say you've got a good taste in music lol U2 rocks!! *thumbs up*

No sudden lust, no shocked feelings... damn! You're totally average :-) Maybe you should consider immigrating to Canada and not smile on your passport photograph (kidding of coz)

I totally agree with Nadia. Other people kissing just don't do it for me whoever they are.

And I never did understand that whole weird thing men have about two girls kissing. Do two guys make you hot? Why not, it's no different. I would have thought that two girls was more of a turn off since they obviously aren't interested in you. Why not lust after someone who might actually reciprocate instead of being all ooogly over someone who finds your advances icky?

And some guys don't seem to believe this, but us girls aren't all just waiting to jump into each other's pants. We aren't all lesbians in waiting somehow. Not that I see anything wrong with those who are, I have friends of all sexualities, but I'm straight. Which mens I like men. And only men. It's not a choice, just the way I am. Yet somehow I'm supposed to throw myself at other girls too because guys find it hot? I don't think so. We don't expect you to all be hot for each other, don't expect it of us either.

Oh, and I've been told that 'all straight girls like to see two hot guys kiss'. Personally all I think of is "ow, double stubble rash!" *grin*

ive seen random girls kissing before and it still doent really make me go "hey thats hot" lol ive seen it too many times now i guess its just natural now i guess if you can call it that. Sorry to dissapoint you jerry lol

oh btw if you do win the lotto how bout splitting the winnings :D lol

I won about 2.5 euro... just enough to buy you that card I promised you and mail it.

:D WHOOOOOO thank you jerry i'll send you something back promisse

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