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Smirnoff Black Ice and ServMe Bald Head join forces

Belgium, Antwerp. For immediate release. - Today definite proof has come forward that the rumours are true after all. The relatively new and hip drink Smirnoff Black Ice had been reported in the vincity of ServMe Bald Head on numerous occasions, but never was there such undeniable proof of them teaming up. One of our undercover photographers was able to capture the moment on film seconds before an alert ServMe Bald Head noticed and chased our photographer away. She got away unharmed and with the proof presented below.

Neither Smirnoff nor ServMe - owner/operator of the infamous website wanted to make official comments when confronted with the photographic evidence. Inside sources however claim that ServMe Bald Head is looking for at least one more bald partner in crime. Since we were not able to get any official statements from ServMe, we can only make an estimated guess :

The most probable individual to team up and become partner in crime would be the infamous Joco, who was last reported to be deep into financial transactions for an international organisation. However, there might be some small problems that need to be overcome before he can join The Dream Team. Reports have shown that the E.E.F (Enhanced Erotic Female) might not yet be satisfied with the required changes.

We have had the chance to take a look at some yet-to-be-published studies, which show that self-induced baldness is an extreme turn on for many hot women. Whether this argument might convince the E.E.F to agree with Joco joining The Dream Team, or that it is exactly the cause of the delay, remains unknown. (From our reporter : F. Ake)

Smirnoff Black Ice & ServMe Bald Head join forces


ooooooooooo it defies gravity *awes at wonderous site* normally if i try that the bottle falls off :s

That's because of two reasons Jason :

1. you've got hair that sits in the way
2. try it with a full bottle. It immediately hightens your sense of stability and increases the chance it stays on. Otherwise you have to clean up, and you can't drink it anymore. Double loss.

Lol! I like to balance my mouse on top of my head but it's just not as cool.

good one!

So, you'll be joining me? I still got SBI here ;)

i got lots of them\
been drinking it for months now ;)

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