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Another tip to prevent downloading virus infected attachements - even if you are protected - is to switch to a webmail interface so you can do quick visual check on the mails waiting to be downloaded. Most - if not all - major ISP's offer webmail to their customers. It would save on network traffic and downstream volume, and thus be much faster.

I just noticed that Belgacom Skynet has implemented a "temporary" antivirus measure on their mailservers to prevent users downloading infected mails. If only Scarlet/Planet Internet would do the same. I just received 266 infect messages and it's been less than 2 hours since I last checked mail. I've reverted to webmail for all accounts for the time being.

Microsoft patches/updates for august 20th : 817778 (Advanced Networking Pack for XP SP1 - IPv6), MS03-33 (MDAC, rating : Important).


I haven't had a single virus appear because both my ISP and my email people scan at their server. But then I didn't get a single call from that worm the other day either cos I have a hardware firewall in my router :D So no screwing around with webmail or othre crap for Shelley. Of course I do all the other protetion stuff too (and patch) but a lot of it is only back up in the end, since I have things set up correctly before it even gets to my computer.

I agree Shelley, unfortunately I cannot get one of my ISP's to stop acting like idiots and block those virus mails at server level.

On the contrary : they have a system sending out mails that your mailbox is full and subsequent messages will bounce... no wonder, if you have over 300 mails containing 100kb attachments each time!

One of? Surely you only need one company to connect to the internet?

The people that handle my mail are really good but that's cos I paid for them to do email and only email. No shared hosting crap there. That whole domain isn't used for anything else these days. It was kind of a drastic measure, specially since I actually got my credit card limit extended to pay for it, but it was worth it.

teleslet is stopping all at the moment
i don't get why ? ;)

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