Start of rant


Comment you fucking idiots! Even if you don't have anything interesting to tell me, use the damn comment function! After all, I don't expect anything intelligent from anyone, seeing as I don't write intelligent posts either.

End of rant.


*giggle* Your last two posts were about mail. You can't expect us to have reactions to posting like that! Actually I was going to post about mail on my own site but I don't know if I can be bothered.

DOOD! I comment! And, um, did you like that song? Did you laugh? WHATEVER!

LOL LOL I am still reading your blog regularly !!

Can't blame me for not commenting. I haven't been able to read your blog for about 2 weeks. But expect lots of comments from now on lol coz I have to catch up with Dimi again :p

write something intresting ;)
like something on whatever....
how should i comment on yoiur tax filling ?
or on your shopping( i don't even shop myself)

enne.. i'm NOT a fucking idiot..... at least not today... i haven'tfucked yet

Well well, aren't we a bit frustrated today, hmm???

!!! Would you be so kind to mail me your regulare e-mail address please, apparently I have misplaced it or something like that


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