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The tattoo convention was fabulous, I might write a longer entry about it tomorrow. However, I need some feedback on something else as soon as possible.

Those of you that know me in person, also know my current haircut - which is pretty short. However, short can always become shorter, so I wanted to know what shorter would be like. See for yourself (unless you're easily scared, don't click on that link. I'm no responsible for anything).

Now, my question is the following : short - shorter - shortest? Should I take out the trusted total shaving solution and razorblade and take it all off? A quick Yes/No in the comments section would be much appreciated!

Oh, no need to tell me I'm crazy insane or insane crazy... I am aware of that fact. It's just that I have nothing to take into account when taking decisions like this : I'm single, people are used to me with short hair, and I have no employer to bug me about it. And if it's really bad? It'll be back to my regular length in about a week, two weeks tops.


I like your hair jerry, or lack of it heh you really have to write a longer post about th convention coz im thinking of saving up to go to one :D glad to hear you liked it too.

I think you should. Not cos of how it looks but because it's been so hot over there. Having no hair would be wonderfully cool in even the smallest breeze. And like you said, it'll grow back really fast. Newly grown hair stubble is cool, fun to rub your hands over.

I agree with Shelley! So when it starts to grow back in, will you quickly hop on a plane back over here so I can rub your head again? :D

i wanted the same myself, but eef was against it

As you know Servme, I have a very basic-haircut, so I would say SHAVE IT OFF !!!

Yep it looks great on words.... keep it this way !

So, right now I've got 4 people in favor of shaving it all, one against. And Jay's reply kinda leaves me undecided whether he voted for or against shave.

I'm running the same poll for another group of people, and there the results so far were 3x shave, 2x keep.

Adding everything up : 7 say shave, 3 say keep.

Anybody else?

Shave !!! Shave !!! Shave !!! Shave!!!

shave it! like you said yourself, it won't take very long to grow it back to your current length if it looks really bad lol

Rofl... you all wanna have a good laugh, don't you? Well, you can ;)

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