Scarlet is incompetent!


I can't do much else but state it loud and clearly : avoid Scarlet (former Planet Internet) at all costs! While I haven't got a clue how "good" they are connectionwise as an ISP - I haven't used them over the past 2 years - but they certainly suck when it comes to mailservers and e-mail security.

I keep on receiving between 5 and 10 Sobig.F (or Sobig-F if you prefer) virus e-mail every few minutes. I've now contacted Scarlet/PI support to kill at least one of my aliases on the mailbox in the hope it'll at least diminish the constant stream of mails. Unfortunately, Scarlet/PI is unable (or doesn't want) to take acting against the virus, whereas they could easily block all mails containing a .pif extention at serverlevel. It would lower the irritation level of their customers, prevent bouncing the messages right back (more traffic), and prevent possible further spreading of the virus.

I know Belgacom/Skynet has implemented such a solution within hours after the mass mailing started, so don't tell me it's technically impossible.

My conclusion? Scarlet is incompetent!


Skynet is evil their trying to take over the wolrd and destroy humanity do not trust them lol. Luckily dont get skynet here only stupid telewest who likes to piss me off ooooo i hate them.

Lol Jay, but as long as Skynet keeps on producing the Terminatrix and improved sequels, they can take over the world for all I care ;)

I haven't seen one copy of this virus in my mailbox yet. Is that weird? I use yahoo webmail, and have the built in spam filter on that, which directs mass mailings to a "bulk mail" box. I never even look in the bulk mail box, I just delete everything in it.


warning virus travelling round in mails disguised as attachments, i recieved on in yahoo not too long ago.....all this tlak about viruses is giving me a cold AAAACHOOO *sniffle*

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