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I'm only awake for about an hour or so, maybe a tad bit longer and already I'm tired. What have I done in that short amount of time? Deleted mails, read some mails, answered some technical support question and chatted to some peeps. Nothing that makes your terribly tired, I agree.

OK, now to answer some questions that Shelley was wondering about. I used to be with ISP "A" when I first connected to the internet, now some 12 years ago. I still have that account and the webspace that goes with it. Some of my domains point to that webspace as well. A few years back I switched from dial-up to a DSL connection, and switched to ISP "B" because ISP "A" didn't offer DSL at that time. However, I had not cancelled my account at "A" since it was still in use.

Therefore I technically have two ISP's : one I recently started using and is my main connection to the internet, and the old one which still serves me mail (and mostly spam). Add to that 29 TLD domains, and about 11 ccTLD's and you can imagine the amount of crap flowing in every now and then. Luckily, a large portion of those domain are not (yet) developed and thus don't add to the problem.

Most of the domain related mail is forwarded, redirected and routed to other accounts, but I admit that I should really clean up some of the domains, change mail addresses and such. I could also drop ISP "A" since it's not really in use anymore, but the problem is that the mail address connected to that service has been used for a zillion things, and I don't recall all the passwords for those after 2 computer crashes and not feeling like recovering all the data.

This year I've been busy moving all domains to the same registrar (actually two since TLD and ccTLD are different) and only 1 webhost. I hope to have completed all of that mid next year. It would make things easier to handle. Then I suspect I'll drop ISP "A" as well.

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Ahh that makes sense. When we went to ADSL we used the same ISP because we like them so much. But even though it was recently and ADSL has been around for ages, that ISP had only been doing it for a short while. Lucky timing on my part I guess.

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