How do you spell dumb? S E R V M E


Allow me to explain : Today I received a bill from Electrabel, my energy supplier. Nothing weird about that, as I receive those at a regular interval, but this time the bill was about 80% lower as usual. After looking at the details, it turns out they deducted a payment of € 80 for no apparent reason.

So, I called them to find out what was happening, and why the deduction was done. They claimed to have received a payment by cheque on May 13rd, which appeared on their bank accounts on May 16th. They deducted the payment from my bill, for which I am rather grateful, since it wasn't me that paid that amount. I always pay through banktransfers, but of course they couldn't tie an account number to that payment. I explained that I was suprised but that payment was not done by me. To be sure I checked my bank statements, but I was very certain that payment wasn't mine.

I got transferred to their payment processing division and they told me to pay the remainder of the bill (as I received it) while they conduct a search to see to what account the payment was supposed to be.

Well, if I hadn't called I'm rather sure that they might have never found the error, especially not if the person that did the payment had not complained (yet) either. In short, I suppose I should have shut up and not wonder what was wrong and call them... but hey, that's not the way I work.

If I get a bill, I want to know the details of every amount listed beause that's the only way you can be sure it's correct.

Note : Due to the extreme weatherconditions, the folkwoods festival has been cancelled. Well, we ain't going, so we cancelled it :) The festival itself is still happening I presume.


You are just to honest for this world :-)

Too dumb indeed :)

Sometimes they'll leave the payment on your account as well as credit it to the new one. Because they have to stand by what's on your bill or somethng. I guess it depends on exactly how the laws in your conutry work and also how nice they are. But still, you can hope right? And I'm sure it woudln't hurt to ask.

I do know we got out of a very large amount of toll calls one year because the phone company was charging them to the wrong account for five months or so (an account that didn't exist). Since they never appeared on the correct invoices we didn't have to pay them, even though they could prove we made them :D

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