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A few hours ago, a discussion was brought up on another website I visit frequently - daily to be precise - about degoratory words, racism and insulting jokes. I really am amazed how the "political correctness" influences the current use of language in some scenes.

I wonder : Is is wrong to call an african american "black", oriental people "asian" or a caucasian person "white"? Generalisation is never ment to single out one person or void their views on society, or their behaviour. If I make a "racist joke" I expect the audience to know and realize that the facts presented are not necessarily correct. Sure, some people might not understand it, and believe that the truth is depicted in that joke, thus seeing some of their views validated.

It's exactly those diffences that make this world such an interesting place. if everything were grey and we all walk in the same direction, looking alike, what would be left for us humans to challenge us?

Is it up to me, the joker, to take all of that into consideration? I think not. Everyone is responsible for their own education and views on life. Think for yourself, goddammit! However, being all politically correct means - for me at least - that you rob people of their ability to think and decide for themselves. Insults are only insulting if you let them insult you.

That's why I don't like political correctness - the world is not perfect at all, nor will PC change it. If I'm white and you're black, what's the first thing we'll notice when we meet? The fact that the color of our skin is different. Does that define either of us as a person? I really doubt it.


There's a movie about all that... a comedy actually. I believe it was made in the 80s, even before PC became as common as today so I guess the director/writer/producer (whoever it was) foresaw some problems there. It's called "PCU" I think (or PC University)

Yepz, you're right Nadia! The movie is PCU, from 1994 (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0110759)

I agree with you in this.

PC has gotten just way too out of hand. It's also gotten completly stupid. And let me try to remember a really big example of this...oh yea.

Two African Americans were suing an unnamed airlines because the stewardess was using something similar to "Eenie Menie Minie Mo" to seat people. The African Americans said that they were using something which used to be racist, and thus were being racist towards them [The African Americans]. That my friend, is sad.

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