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It's been a while since the last (boring) technical post, so I decided to come up with some new things.

This is might be intersting for techies that often find themselves using notepad, yet miss some functionality. A couple of months ago, I ran across Metapad 3.5 thanks to someone at a technical forum recommending it. I downloaded it, played around with it for a while and promptly forgot about it. However, because I needed "line count" ability for the second part of this techy post - neither notepad nor wordpad have that function - I remembered Metapad.

After using it for a few minutes I decided to replace notepad completely and use metapad instead. Since I don't really like using "Open With" all the time, I completely replaced notepad.exe with metapad. Works like a charm and as predicted in the Metapad FAQ, Windows XP complains about an unknown system file but you can easily make it accept the replacement. If you find yourself using notepad to code quick snippets of anything, or use it as a quick 'n dirty debugger, definitely check out Metapad - you'll be amazed by it's extra functions!

Secondly, I upgraded popfile 0.19.0 to 0.19.1 and performed the MailWasher Pro hack again (to prevent either no history, or too much history and double entries) but apparently something went wrong as MW seems now unable to retrieve messages through the PF proxy. Weird! Either I find out what the problem is, or I revert back to 0.19.0 (I've done some tests and went back to 0.19.0 for the time being - even without the MW hacks it didn't seem to work).


for once i dont really have anything to say thats worth wild or funny for this comment jerry sorry. im not really that techically advanced when it comes to computers and new programmes :(

Why aren't you using Textpad like all the cool kids? It's what everyone at Boyd's work uses, plus every other professional programmer he knows, and I would never be without it. It has a very simple interface so you aren't bombarded with crap you don't need al la MS Word, but when you start looking it has lots of very useful advanced features and is deceptively powerful. I personally adore the syntax highlighting. And it's free (well we've never paid for it *grin*). Oh and I never had to bother about 'open with', I stull have notepad in there but I easily set textpad as the default (so easy I can't even remember what I did).

So stop mucking around with pale imitations and go get the real thing.

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