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I just got back from the Willrock festival, which was kinda good. Didn't know any of the bands, and the headliners (Plastic Buddha) really sucked, but the group Humb was rather good. They really played the crowd and got the people up and moving in no time.

Afterwards we went out to get something to eat - pitta anyone? - and they went down to a coctailbar called "Sips" in Antwerp that Jess saw something about on ATV, a local TV station. The amount of different coctails they have makes it hard to pick one, but in the end we all made a choice : Joco had a Pinacolada, Jess settled for a Daiquiri, Johan got a plain coffee, Eef picked a non-alcoholic fruit-punch (she was our designated driver, thanks!) and I got a Kamikaze which consisted of Absolut Wodka lemon, Cointreau and lemonjuice. Pretty good thing!

I just got home, received a mail from Aaron at http://www.proles.net/ who has a problem with his blog and IE6 - it smudges when scrolling through it - and since he uses the same template as I do, although mine has been majorly hacked and tuned, he asked me for some advice. I took a look at his code and will check some more tomorrow. Unfortunately, we all know IE sucks major ass and when looking on the web for "IE6 + bug" you get a pretty much endless list :)

While browsing I did stumble upon an old post on Phil Ringalda's blog about problems when pinging weblogs.com and the quite common time-outs that have been occuring lately. I followed his advice and changed my setting from the default 15 seconds to 25 seconds. Look in mt.cfg if you feel like doing the same.

While at it, I also added a line in my preferences to ping blogrolling.com as well. The more pings, the merrier :)

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I'd much rather ping blogrolling than weblogs.com, since the only reason I ping the second one of the little star on blogrolls anyway, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to do it. I'm pretty sure it would only take me three minutes in the b2 support forum to find out, I just can't be bothered :D Which is pretty silly really now I think about it, cos instead I spend time adding bans to my .htaccess list to stop all the bad mannered bots that use weblogs.com as a starting point.

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