Faster, Harder, Sobig!

Nice infection rate Sobig-F has... I just checked my mail and 53 out of a total 90 messages were virus infected. Luckily I'm well protected : the first anti-spam tool has a successful detection rate of 98.66%, combined with the second one it gives me a nice 100% and it's only after those two plus a visual check are passed that any mail is able to reach my inbox. Which is protected by a realtime virusscanner, and my mailclient is not one of the more common ones ie. Outlook/Outlook Express.

Anyway, here's a tip to recognize Sobig-F attachements easily : they all are around 100Kb and (currently) the mails use a multitude of subject lines. For a full list of details, check the link I provided in my previous post.

Dimi, while that IT manager will be in some kind of problem, he is sort of correct. It is a worldwide infection, but it can be fought successfully. Janssens Pharmaceutica for instance suffered from the Blaster disinfection worm Nachia (aka Welchia or Welchi) and had a bit of a hard time due to the extreme network traffic it caused on their networks, but they were able to contain and clean up.

As they admitted, due to their excellent and always on call IT departement they managed to isolate the problems quickly, but if it happens to a smaller company with no specialized IT staff, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

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