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After the USA started forcing foreigners to comply with their new biometric visa program in April 2003 (under the Homeland Security Act of 2002) the UK has now followed and has started a test period in which all visa applications done in Sri Lanka will need either fingerprints, iris or facial recognition scans. Starting 2005 all UK passports should included biometrics.

One could say that it is just technological advances being used in everyday life. Although I'm not too sure about the actual data being gathered, it is of course open for discussion. Some see Big Brother (and I'm not referring to the popular TV show) appearing clearly in the sky - and not with any diamonds surrounding him either - whereas others see nothing but the benefits. Open for debate, no doubt about it.

However, there are some weird things going on as well. As of August 15th, all Canadians who wish to receive a passport should present a photograph in which they show a "neutral" look. In other words : they are not allowed to laugh, smile of frown their eyebrows on a passport photograph. I'm sure the idea behind it all it to prevent anyone from being joyful and have a good time while travelling. After all, you don't want anyone looking happy in your airports, do you?


I actually got the comment a few years ago that I didn't look like my passport picture anymore lol. Of course, it was a 5-year passport and the picture was 5 years old (or even more O.o) I had a different hair colour on the pic, weighed more, and looked like I needed sleep big time.
Can't wait to see what people will say in another 5 years when my passport pic is out of date again hehehe

probably that your a babe hehehe ;p ive heard the rumors here about id cards but not biometrics yet :s i dun want brain damage lol *ponders if its too late* hmmmmm >.>

I notice I have to catch up with my comments ! Nadia jumped right over me LOL. And I know I still have to create that account for you buddy. It will be created don't worry, but it will be later rather than sooner because of the very stressy days @ pimc.

Anyway I look forward to meet you on 13th and/or 14th of september in Alden Biesen LOL !!

shes getting a good lead on you dimi lol :D

Jay : to catch up on biometrics and UK passwords
Dimi : I'll be there (I should!)
Nadia : get your picture taken more often :)

Erm... UK passports, not passwords :)

Servme: I can't get my pic taken more often if I order a passport for 5 years :p
Dimi: Hehehe, I'm waaaayyy ahead of you now
Jay: I doubt it was coz i'm a babe.. which btw i'm not... and there will be NO discussion!!! lol *wants to be right for a change*

hehehehehehehehehehe *whistles innocently*

Thank you for that link jerry i just checked it out and it all seems kinda interesting yet im still sceptical for a number of reasons plus i think our governments screwed up as it is lol i doubt they see the harm in making it more farcical by introducing biometric ID cards to the nation pfft stupid government

Nadia : you can have your picture taken more often, it just won't help you in regard to your passport photo ID :)

Jay : you're welcome. I agree with you, and wonder what other data is going to be collected in the future? The size of my shoes (42)? I think I'll go write a nice article about it.

Nadia: i agree with jerry got more pics taken and send them to me :D hehehe love you

Jerry: im uk size 11 lol

get sorry

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