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I returned from the vet about 2 hours ago or so, and even though only one of my fuzzies is no more with me, there is a certain void in the house. I'm totally out of tears right now but my heart tells me I've made the good choice. Of course, when we arrived at the vet - thanks Hilda - Happy was doing relatively well, so it hurt me a great deal to tell Joke to put him to sleep.

He had been eating just before we left and on the way over he ate some more. All signs that he was a normal, healty ferret, but I know he was not. I've asked for an autopsy, I always do since I figure that the knowledge they can gain from it might someday save other ferrets, and I gotta call back on monday to check for the results.

Now I'm off to try and eat something, and take care of the remaining boys and girls. Happy, I'll miss you.

Happy, I will miss you


i'm sorry to hear about Happy ... i'm sure the other 2 will adjust, aswell as yourself given time.

take care of yourself :(

sorry to hear about Happy, and sorry if I said something wrong in your previous entry.

Take care!

You didn't say anything wrong Tine, don't worry about it. I was under the impression too that he was doing better...

Ug, I'm sorry. You did the right thing but that doesn't make it the easy thing.

Bye Happy, rest well little friend.

And hugs and cuddles to you Jerry...

I'm sorry to hear from Happy !

Take care and everything will be ok !

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