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Don't blog when drunk, tired and even more tired. Lol, it'll take you at least two login tries before typing your complex password correct. Eef, you should have been there, breezer was plentiful, but we'll take you another time, ok?

I'm off to bed now, thanks for the lovely evening, Jess, Johan, all the Banana Moon girls... It's been a great time, even though the DJ sometimes sucked major ass.


Same goes for chatting and being drunk. Those two just don't mix lol It's strange how your fingers start leading their own lives after a few (read: a lot of) drinks.

Whoa baby! After seeing the "drunk naked Belgian imitating Rico Suave" pictures, methinks you should post MORE OFTEN when you're drunk!!!! I had to wipe the drool from my chin!!!

I will be there on the Antilliaanse Feesten as BOB.

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